Patti Nelson - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Patti is a true foodie. She grew up in the business with her immediate and extended families dozens of restaurants. She helped her mother operate a Penguins Yogurt store and then ran operations for the company. She managed real estate for a large portfolio of restaurant properties then became the west coast Real Estate Manager for Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Then she moved over to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as Director of Store Development and is presently Senior Director, managing all aspects of every company owned site.


Patti is always a pleasure to work with. She is extra detailed, flexible - in our ever changing business, hard working - in early - out late - long commute, always nice and always fun.

She’s especially fun when her other foodie side comes out and she forwards a discount card from our favorite lunch spot Fronk’s with a request for an immediate site tour. When a cold shipment of Bubba’s boneless ribs showed up at the doorstep with no sender info, she was the first call, and yes...she sent them.

Burp - Thanks Patti, time for another site ride!

Update: It was a great site ride…

IMG 8497

Tom Turley


Tom is a mover and a shaker, hehas dedicated his careerto strategic planning and implementation for large portfolios in both the private and public sectors for JLL.

So…when Tom agreed to invest on a development deal, we all felt a lot more comfortable that we could handle those inevitable ISSUES having his tactical and bottom line approach on our team.

Tom is a laptop warrior. If he isn’t blasting out emails, he’s on a conference call with one of his clients. One evening when we were invited over for cocktails and a sunset, Tom answered the door in the middle of a conference call, pointed to the deck and cooler and made a hand motion of drinking a beer.

Two hours later we headed out the door for home while Tom, you guessed it, was still on his client call.


A rare sighting of Tom without the cell phone to his ear.

Rich Gebele & Ronald McDonald

We did it!

Former McDonald’s deal maker extrodanair, Rich Gebele and I had a great Saint Patricks day visiting our newly opened Grand Terrace McDonald’s.

As they say, it takes a village. The birth of this State-of-the-art McDonald’s became reality with the help of the following friends:

Rich Gebele, Helen Singer and Kori Seki from McDonald’s

Mike McCasland, Mike Reed and the dearly missed Mike Slaton from Stater Bros.

Tom Swica and Tony Archer from Voit

Jim Bickel and Kelly Johnson from Bickel Group

My beloved partners Kyle Nelson, construction guru, and money man/strategist Turbo-Tom Turley

R&K Mc

Rich was kind enough to don the Irish CB St. Paddy’s day shirt for our visit:)

rich mcd irish

Dean and Scott McPhail

Brothers McPhail are the Batman & Robin of Retail store roll outs. First it was Blockbuster Video in Hawaii & Guam, then Starbucks in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, then Jamba Juice in Hawaii and Florida, then PF Changs inHonolulu, then Core Power Yoga in Hawaii and California then High Society Freeride and that’s just the work stuff.

Dean is the cool collected imagineer and financier, Scott is the operations wizard.

These days Dean is imagining if he wants to carve Colorado powder or head out his front yard for a downwinder around Black Point. Scott is likely coordinating the BBQ for the bro’s after a day of ripping the mountain, followed by a quick stop at 39 degrees. Or he's preping the BBQ after a morning dog walk, big breakfast, surf, visit with Dean to check on important things, afternoon SUP from Portlock to the Outrigger then a grocery run.

If anyone deserves days like that, it’s these two big hearted guys.

Well done Blondie.

Dean & Scott

Richard Gebele • Brian Wine • Brian Tracy

These guys...

IMG 6752

represent a lot of laughs, a lot of beers, a lot of work, a lot of poetry, a lot of learning, a lot of teaching, a lot of driving, a lot of candles, a lot of phone calls, a lot of lunches, a lot of snoring, a lot of meetings, a lot of emails, a lot of expenses and a lot of deals!

Chris Wilson

This picture…

Chris Wilson

…Says it all

Robin Bhalla & Walter Cathey

Curtis & Robin

Robin & Wally are two perfect examples of why Retail Real Estate is one of the most fun career paths. The only thing better than hanging with two top notch real estate professionals, is hanging with two top notch real estate professionals who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Robin who’s Linkdin page has this picture profile:

is obviously a guy who enjoys life. He’s a well trained CB and NAI alum, who now handles leasing for Combined Properties' real estate portfolio.

Wally who started at CB back in the early 90’s has worked in the in-house development departments for McDonald’s, Zaremba building CVS Drug Stores, Fresh and Easy during the blow and go days, and is now a Senior Real Estate Manager at Walgreens.

When you walk into an ICSC party and see one of these guys, prepare for some laughs, if you see them both, you’ll need your Uber Car app.

Charlie Cangelosi

Charlie Cangelosi where to start?

Well, he loves his family and he’s really good at hisbusiness which could be:

finding sites for various retailers,both nationals and mom & pops,

coaching a basketball game with his girls,

listing a shopping center in La Puente, San Bernardino or Oxnard

making waffels and playing vinyl records Sunday mornings,

driving the minivan like arace car on site tours,

making philly cheese steak sandwiches for his poker nights,

negotiating long term ground leases,

scaring the neighborhood children with his halloween decorations and costumes,

driving all over Southern California sniffing and hunting the next real estate deal,

quickly answering the phone when the“fly me to the moon”ringtone sounds

Being honest to a fault with his Landlords and Tenants

Loving his family.

Mark Perkins

Evernote 20110915 13-53-14

Although I had worked with Mark from from the peripherie on the Hollywood Video account, I first really met Mark during a Smart & Final Broker Network Powow.

I knew I liked him when he looked over at me about halfway through the meeting and mouthed “this is bull shit”.

Mark is a consumate professional, deal maker, cut to the chase guy, and is excellent in• managing a team of deal makers • analizing a market •being effective but brief on the phone • being ruthelessly honest when needed • and absolutely hilarious to reminisce with.

Mark has worked with McDonald’s, Jack In the Box, Blockbuster, helped run the show at Hollywood Video, Founded The Standard Group with Branson, Joe & Lew, Built single tenant developments, Rolled out the revamped Ultimate Electronics before it imploded, and is now Senior Manging Director at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Tom & Jerry.

"Why are you taking my picture?” -Mark is fun one night a week.

Billy Zebe - Ze/Lin Organic Juice & Pastry

Billy Zebe has been a friend of ours for many years. We met Billy when he was responsible for all of Hollywood Video's real estate, construction, store openings, architecture, facilities, lease administration, legal and research.

Billy & Carl

Heeventually was one of three board of directors who sold the company for $1.3 billionIn 2005. After his run at Hollywood Video and Blockbuster Video before that, Billy took a break and attended Northwestern’s Kellogg Business School of Management and received his MBA in 2011.

With his newfoundwealth of knowledge and his newfound friend Rich Franklin, a fellow health nut and former UFC Middleweight Champion, Billy formed Ze/Linspecializing in cold pressed organic juices and smoothies.

While still consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Billy is blazing the trail of the natural food and drink business. Billy has aspirations of bringing healthyfood and drinks to the nation, just like he brought the latest movies to our living rooms 20 years ago. We love being part of this healthy, game changing business, and partners with these inspiring entrepreneurs.

Update: Billy is now the head of real estate for Woodspring Suites - we get to play again!

Hank Hill

Charlie & Hank Hill

Henry Rutherford "Hank" Hill, is one of our favorite salesmen. As assistant manager of StricklandPropane, Hank is in charge of sales of all "propane and propane accessories”.

When not cutting his lawn Hank is busy giving guidence to his son Bobby and his neighbor Charlie Cangelosi - pictured to the right.

Hank is known to provide timeless advice, such as when he asked neighbor Charlie to“Please return the garage door to it’s factory pre-set down position”.

Also, Hank has been known to provide beauty advice like when he told his niece Luanne “The only reason why your nails should be black is because you hit them with a hammer”.

It’s spending time with guys like Hank that inspire us to do great things,

I tell you what.

Kristen Holst - Dick’s Sporting Goods

Kristen Holst3
Kristen H 4

Kristen is a true friend who has been there for us in the business world and in our personal lives as well. She's a hard working deal maker and her vivacious nature always makes it fun.

Kristen entered Grocery / Drug business in 1994 as a Senior Real Estate Manager for Lucky / Savon at American Stores. When Albertson's acquired American Stores in 1998 Kristen was chosen to handle strategic planning for the entire Southern California drug store program. In 2006 when CVS purchased Savon, again Kristen adapted, and became Director of Real Estate at CVS Realty Company.

We can always count on Kristen for her deal making insight, her wonderful smile, and her detailed voice mail greetings that share the story of her day.

Update: Kristen is now the Director of Real Estate for Dick’s Sporting Goods!

Kathy Seferian - Wendy's International

Kathy Seferian1

After years with Carl's Jr. Wherehouse Records, Wendy's, Kohl's and then back to Wendy's, Kathy has honed the art of making the deal. She's such a hard working rep that she spends most of her weeks on the road traveling the western states. Her equally busy husband Mark and she often coordinate their work travels so they can see each other in Utah, Seattle or…

Kathy looks for real estate sites that have 35,000 square feet of land in anchored shopping centers or prime signalized corners. She hunts for opportunites for both corporate Wendy's and for Franchisees. Even with her heavy work load she still has time to train for the walk for breast cancer, travels to see her son in college and consult her daughter who recently joined Main & Main brokerage.

When you're with Kathy you are either on the phone for quick 60 second updates, listenting to Kathy negotiate a win-win with a client, or laughing your ass off over some crazy event. Whichever it is, it's always fun.

Walk for BC

Mike Lucero - Del Taco

Mike Lucero

Mike is our favorite taco guy. Not only because he works for one of the largest mexican drive-thru chains, but because he is a true taco afficianato. Every site tour with Mike includes a detailed review of the best taco trucks, hole in the wall taco stands and back alley goat-meat taquerias in town.

Mike likes real estate that's at least two miles away from an existing Del Taco, has at least 20,000 sf of land at a prime accessible location and an owner willing to part with about $500k in tenant build-to-suit allowance. In exchange he'll provide a long term lease with a 10% annual return on the allowance, free one-on-one therapy and an update on the latest great music.

When not making deals, Mike likes to hang with his son Jack and the Mayor of Sun Valley Idaho...

Edmo : Lucero

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