Japanese home > what we do > investigator-initiated clinical trials > jmacct-funded research topics investigator-initiated clinical trials jmacct-funded research topics the following are the research topics awarded under jmacct's grant program. buy viagra online from canadian pharmacy viagra pills viagra discount online Fy2010 (april 2010-march 2011) investigational product indication progress lapatinib / trastuzumab breast cancer trial protocol under development glucarpidase conditions treated with high-dose methotrexate trial protocol under development rituximab idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura trial protocol under development fy2009 (april 2009-march 2010) investigational product indication progress thalidomide crow-fukase syndrome ctn submitted fy2008 (april 2008-march 2009) investigational product indication progress self-expanding intracranial stent system intracranial atherosclerotic disease ctn submitted fy2007 (april 2007-march 2008) investigational product indication progress rituximab childhood refractory nephrotic syndrome ctn submitted diode laser for pdt and talaporfin sodium malignant brain tumor ctn submitted h5n1 influenza vaccine h5n1 influenza in the pediatric population notification of amendment to clinical trial protocol submitted talc malignant pleural effusions notification of clinical trial completion submitted fy2005 (april 2005-march 2006) investigationalproduct indication progress tegafur, gimeracil and oteracil potassium esophageal neoplasm ctn submitted h5n1 influenza vaccine h5n1 influenza approved on19 october 2007 arginine melas* ctn submitted imatinib mesylate and hydroxyurea adult glioblastoma study withdrawn** *: mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes**: the results of a recently completed overseas clinical trial of similar design revealed insufficient efficacy of the study drug. viagra online without prescription viagra natural para hombres en venezuela buy genuine viagra usa This made it impossible to pursue approval of the study drug in japan, and therefore, this research project was withdrawn. viagra 5 mg daily effectiveness cheapest viagra prices buy genuine viagra usa Fy2004 (april 2004-march 2005) investigationalproduct indication progress irinotecan hydrochloride refractory pediatric solid tumor notification of clinical trial completion submitted phenobarbital sodium iv neonatal convulsions approved on16 october 2008 bepridil hydrochloride hydrate persistent atrial fibrillation approved on16 october 2008 tacrolimus hydrate interstitial pneumonitis associated with polymyositis / dermatomyositis ctn submitted leuprorelin acetate spinal and bulbar mus. cheap viagra online recreational use of viagra forum buy genuine viagra usa viagra no prescription
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