A fresh commercial brokerage model

There are hundreds of qualified and passionate commercial brokers in our industry. Unfortunately many of them work in companies that were modeled in a bygone era. Gone are the days where only large companies can afford the many research and analytic tools needed to be successful. Today's brokers can be in the field and still have access to all the tools available in an office. Today's brokers can also be in the office, their home, or at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and virtually be on a distant street viewing a property and calling the ownership minutes later. With far better tools at a fraction of the cost there is no further need to pay the house half of those hard earned dollars.

Our seasoned brokers retain the majority of their earnings. The Landlord wins because more of their dollars are going to the person working on their property, the Tenant wins because their representative is a higher paid more motivated consultant. It just makes sense.

Why Irish?

When I was a child my father inherited a home in Ballyknocken Ireland as a result of a crazy business deal. Instead of selling it, Mom thought it would be fun to visit it during our summers. This decision ended up being a life changing decision for our family, as many wonderful experiences and friendships ensued.

The house was fairly remote, about an hour's drive from Dublin. When American friends were visiting Ireland, Mom would invite them to visit. With the narrow, one lane roads and many turns, the visitors often would get lost. When they gave up with the directions or the map, they would ask a local for guidance. Well, the opportunity to talk to someone, especially a stranger, most especially a foreign stranger, was a wonderful blessing for the Irish. When our visitors arrived we would spend most of the time discussuing their amazement that the little old man, or the small child with a dirty face, or the lady on her horse, would stop what they were doing, get in the car with them and help them find their destination with a smile, a laugh, and a new friendship.

In the same charitable spirit of the Irish people, we at Irish Commercial Brokerage hope to create that same congenial experience for our clients. We will go out of our way to make sure you've seen all of the relevent opportunities in the marketplace, and help you zero in on the right sights. Along the way we'll smile, have some laughs and hopefully form long lasting friendships.


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