Hank Hill

Charlie & Hank Hill

Henry Rutherford "Hank" Hill, is one of our favorite salesmen. As assistant manager of StricklandPropane, Hank is in charge of sales of all "propane and propane accessories”.

When not cutting his lawn Hank is busy giving guidence to his son Bobby and his neighbor Charlie Cangelosi - pictured to the right.

Hank is known to provide timeless advice, such as when he asked neighbor Charlie to“Please return the garage door to it’s factory pre-set down position”.

Also, Hank has been known to provide beauty advice like when he told his niece Luanne “The only reason why your nails should be black is because you hit them with a hammer”.

It’s spending time with guys like Hank that inspire us to do great things,

I tell you what.

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