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From Left: Jon Parker from Kabat Real Estate Solutions in Tennessee, Jon McCall rom Moore Co Realty in Montgomery Alabama and Jon Hellein with Archon in Orlando.

We had another excellent annual meeting with SiteSource, this year in San Diego hosted by The Duhs Commercial Crew.

Every year we attend these events we are always enlivened by the camaraderie with fellow brokers who live and breathe our same daily realities across the country. To be able to fine tune our business skills and share ideas with business owners running similar retail brokerage companies, that aren’t competitors, is a real gift.

This year the focus was marketing with social media.We had a great presentations from David Cobb from Archon in Orlando about setting yourself apart from the rest which he definietly does. We also heard fromBeth Azorwho is a great public speaker and early adopter of all of the socials to market her shopping center portfolio. The bottom line was “Use It” and “Add Value” don’t just post your deals.

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Above are Marti Weinstein and Dina Zell with Zell Commercial in Phoenix Arizona

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