Boos Fuel

Boos Development is actively acquiring sites for national brand gas stations with the help of Irish Commercial. Depending on the market they will purchase as small as a 30,000 square feet of land or as much as 2 acres for the larger truck fueling and wash center. They are focused on freeway ramp sites as well as busy intersections with 35,000+ cars per day.

Fuel logos

The fuel centers will operate as one of the national brands or as their own private brand in the right location.


Land Size - Requires a 0.7 - 2 Acre Parcel

Preferred location - Freeway on and off Ramps and high traffic signal intersections

Preferred deal types - purchase only with adequate time to obtain permits


Kevin Barry •• 424.241.2341

Charlie Cangelosi •• 818.646.6117

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