Bon Voyage John Buckley Gordon

The Luck of the Irish

We've been lucky to have John on our team. He's an extremely talented, diligent and innovative deal maker. John is a close friend who has helped build Irish from the beginning.  We'll miss his companionship and out of the box thinking and wish him great success in his next chapter - Sláinte Johnny!

A Great Choice

John has worked the Choice Hotel account since 2015 and is responsible for their acquisition of the historic 13 story Federal Bar building at 110 N. Pine Long Beach for a Cambria Suites. In addition, John completed six Woodspring Suites, one Comfort Inn and recently completed the first EverHome Suites in Corona.


It’s hard to quantify the contributions a person makes to your company and to your life, but with John it’s easy to say that those contributions are monumental.  

John has always been there to jump in on any project whether it benefited him or not.  John has great insite into reading situations and people.  He’s insightful and doesn’t hesitate to question a situation that doesn’t feel right. He’s the first to ask for feedback so he can better himself.  

John keeps family first and his three boys are the recipients of a lot of love.  Being his second family at Irish, we got a lot of good lovin too!

We’re going to miss you JG, stay safe and have fun.  - Kip

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