Charlie Cangelosi

Charlie Cangelosi where to start?

Well, he loves his family and he’s really good at hisbusiness which could be:

finding sites for various retailers,both nationals and mom & pops,

coaching a basketball game with his girls,

listing a shopping center in La Puente, San Bernardino or Oxnard

making waffels and playing vinyl records Sunday mornings,

driving the minivan like arace car on site tours,

making philly cheese steak sandwiches for his poker nights,

negotiating long term ground leases,

scaring the neighborhood children with his halloween decorations and costumes,

driving all over Southern California sniffing and hunting the next real estate deal,

quickly answering the phone when the“fly me to the moon”ringtone sounds

Being honest to a fault with his Landlords and Tenants

Loving his family.

Irish Commercial Brokerage, Inc. 2019