Mike Lucero - Del Taco

Mike Lucero

Mike is our favorite taco guy. Not only because he works for one of the largest mexican drive-thru chains, but because he is a true taco afficianato. Every site tour with Mike includes a detailed review of the best taco trucks, hole in the wall taco stands and back alley goat-meat taquerias in town.

Mike likes real estate that's at least two miles away from an existing Del Taco, has at least 20,000 sf of land at a prime accessible location and an owner willing to part with about $500k in tenant build-to-suit allowance. In exchange he'll provide a long term lease with a 10% annual return on the allowance, free one-on-one therapy and an update on the latest great music.

When not making deals, Mike likes to hang with his son Jack and the Mayor of Sun Valley Idaho...

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