Patti Nelson - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Patti is a true foodie. She grew up in the business with her immediate and extended families dozens of restaurants. She helped her mother operate a Penguins Yogurt store and then ran operations for the company. She managed real estate for a large portfolio of restaurant properties then became the west coast Real Estate Manager for Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Then she moved over to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as Director of Store Development and is presently Senior Director, managing all aspects of every company owned site.


Patti is always a pleasure to work with. She is extra detailed, flexible - in our ever changing business, hard working - in early - out late - long commute, always nice and always fun.

She’s especially fun when her other foodie side comes out and she forwards a discount card from our favorite lunch spot Fronk’s with a request for an immediate site tour. When a cold shipment of Bubba’s boneless ribs showed up at the doorstep with no sender info, she was the first call, and yes...she sent them.

Update: Patti is now Senior Director of Store Development and doesn’t get to do foodie drives with us anymore (:

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