Tom Turley


Tom is a mover and a shaker, hehas dedicated his careerto strategic planning and implementation for large portfolios in both the private and public sectors for JLL.

So…when Tom agreed to invest on a development deal, we all felt a lot more comfortable that we could handle those inevitable ISSUES having his tactical and bottom line approach on our team.

Tom is a laptop warrior. If he isn’t blasting out emails, he’s on a conference call with one of his clients. One evening when we were invited over for cocktails and a sunset, Tom answered the door in the middle of a conference call, pointed to the deck and cooler and made a hand motion of drinking a beer.

Two hours later we headed out the door for home while Tom, you guessed it, was still on his client call.


A rare sighting of Tom without the cell phone to his ear.

2018 update TOM GOT MARRIED!

IMG 1464


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