Robin Bhalla & Walter Cathey

Curtis & Robin

Robin & Wally are two perfect examples of why Retail Real Estate is one of the most fun career paths. The only thing better than hanging with two top notch real estate professionals, is hanging with two top notch real estate professionals who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Robin who’s Linkdin page has this picture profile:

is obviously a guy who enjoys life. He’s a well trained CB and NAI alum, who now handles leasing for Combined Properties' real estate portfolio.

Wally who started at CB back in the early 90’s has worked in the in-house development departments for McDonald’s, Zaremba building CVS Drug Stores, Fresh and Easy during the blow and go days, and is now a Senior Real Estate Manager at Walgreens.

When you walk into an ICSC party and see one of these guys, prepare for some laughs, if you see them both, you’ll need your Uber Car app.

Update: Robin navigated the Irvine Company Leasing and is now busy at Festival handling their big portfolio. Wally has taken early retirement and is chilling back in his hometown with his family.

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