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In 1994 Haidilao started as SiChuan Haidilao Catering Co., Ltd. and began serving world famous Sichuan style hot pot, gathering various regional influences and tastes along the way. Since then, Haidilao has been dedicated to achieving the perfect blend of authentictraditional Sichuan-style hot pot with the convenience and comfort of moderndining.


Hot Pot

Seeking4,000 - 6,000 square feet

End-caps or free standing

Patio or large common wait area

High quality dining experience environments


Seeking 1,500 square feet

End-caps or food courts

Craig McKenna •Craig@IrishCB.com• 626.219.6305

"We’re delivering healthy hot pot culture to food-lovers worldwide”

“We show our guests attentiveness, warmth and comfort"

"Benefit a family, Heap on Happiness"

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